wakingsavior: (am i cool yet?)
John Egbert ([personal profile] wakingsavior) wrote 2012-05-10 06:55 am (UTC)

thank you for the compliment re: darkfuture!John - :D I tried to make sure he was believably John, but believably having gone through... well, a lot of shit.

yeah, the Sol thing rubbing off might be because they share an apartment with Dave, who DOES call him Sol - the Radi thing just... happened? and has no real excuse, tbh. /sheepish I think that's partially me not noticing that I was putting a bit too much of myself in him - I have a propensity for shortening people's names irl.

as for the capitalization shit - sometimes I just forget that I'm hitting caps and somehow don't... notice it's wrong? it just bypasses my brain by being grammatically correct, or something. /sheepishagain so yeah, that's all just me fucking up.

ETA: You are still my favourite anon. I really do appreciate the thought you put into these crits. I know I'm not perfect, or the best John around, but you are a seriously awesome anon, and I am v. glad people like you exist on the internet.

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