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Name: John Egbert
Age: 13
Subject taught: n/a
Canon: Homestuck

While John was, indeed, found in the aftermath of a meteor crash that killed Nanna, with an old Colonel Sassacre's, he was a little bit different from most babies. Namely, he didn't seem to respond to any sounds that Dad made. After a few days of trying to ascertain if he was just strange or if there was something wrong, Dad took him to a specialist who confirmed that baby John seemed to have no hearing whatsoever. Dad immediately joined an ASL class for parents of deaf children, learning to sign before John was old enough to do so, helping John's aquisition of language go much more smoothly.

Unfortunately, the class was a good hour's drive away, and there wasn't much in the way of local deaf culture in the small suburban town where they lived, leaving John without any peers with whom he could easily communicate. An open-minded local school accepted John for kindergarten, to gauge how well he learned among hearing children, but though John seemed to have plenty of fun, it was difficult to teach him, as his attention would wander and he would forget to pay attention to the translator or the teachers. Though part of that could be attributed to his young age, Mr. Egbert decided that John was not ready for going to a hearing school, and enrolled him in a boarding school for deaf children. For two years, John spent a good 2/3rds of the year at school, away from home, among other deaf children and adults.

He didn't like being separated from his dad for so long, though, and he never quite managed to connect with the other students, leaving him a little bit on the outskirts. After a summer of begging and pleading after second grade, Mr. Egbert withdrew John from the school and began to teach him at home. This ended up being good for many reasons, not the least of which was the revelation that John had unconsciously picked up a bit of lipreading since childhood. In addition to homeschooling him and continuing to help him expand his ASL vocabulary, Mr. Egbert found a speech therapist who was trained to help deaf people learn to lip read, and John started that as well. While he's not an expert at it by any means, it does make it a lot easier to hold conversations with people who can't sign, and to follow conversations he wouldn't otherwise be privy to.

Making friends with Jade, Dave, and Rose happened pretty much the same as it did in canon - Mr. Egbert got John a computer to allow him to make more friends, and to communicate with them easier, since IMs and Emails don't need you to be able to sign or hear to understand. John actually hasn't mentioned his deafness to any of them, though he considers them his best friends, mostly because he is nervous that they'd treat him differently if they knew he was "disabled" (even though he doesn't really think of himself that way). Everything led up to Sburb in the same ways, and John entered the game - since there was no audio communication, nothing seemed to be different, and though it's possible Rose noticed that John didn't seem to react to things that would generally make a loud or noticeable noise, no one has brought it up with him.
Canon point: About here, sleeping on his quest bed before Jack killed him and he ascended to God Tier.

John is a generally upbeat and friendly guy - always glass half full, ready to be friends with anyone he meets. He’s a real dork, and he has a ridiculous, eyeroll-worthy sense of humor and considers himself a great prankster, even though he’s… really not. He loves Con Air, Armageddon, Little Monsters, and basically anything with Matthew McConaughey - basically, he doesn’t have the best taste in movies, but when he loves something he LOVES it.

While he's not always the most confident in himself, John tends to have pretty good self-esteem - partially because he hasn't had to deal with kids his own age in large, bullying-prone groups. Though he can't hear or speak audibly, he doesn't consider himself disabled, and he feels that his attention to details he needs for communication that people might miss if they can hear (vibrations from people moving, little shifts in body language, and so forth) make up for his lack of hearing. The only thing he really hates about his deafness is that he can't hear Dave's sick beats, though so far he's provided positive-but-totally-useless feedback on the assumption that Dave's music is probably pretty much the shit. He kind of enjoys being able to have conversations that no one else understands, even if the only other deaf person near where he lives (that he knows of) is a few years older than him. He's able to focus on schoolwork without too much effort (when he wants to) and tends to do better teaching himself than having himself spoonfed information, because of being homeschooled.

John is also a very loyal friend. When he has a friend, he wants to keep them, and stand up for them, and protect them however he can. He treasures his friends all the more because he has relatively few of them, and is glad that the internet provides an easy way for them to interact that doesn't put him or them at a communcational disadvantage. He believes the best of his friends, and has confidence that they can do whatever they dream of, or whatever they need to. His loyalty and belief in people has, in Sburb, led him to sort of stumbling on leadership, not that he feels like he's a good leader or that he wants to be a leader at all. He really just wants to be people's friends, and feels more comfortable in a follower's spot. That said, if he finds himself in a position of leadership, he'll do his best to lead and do right by everyone he's leading.

Name: Prankster's Sign

Form: Large hammer (two-hander, definitely)

  • Strength
  • Wind
  • Deafening (able to cause opponents to briefly be unable to hear)
  • Vitality
  • Durability

Lost memories:
  • Kindergarten in a hearing school
  • Dave convincing him not to attack his denzien
  • Everything about Rose except her name (and that she exists)
  • Baking cakes with his dad when he was little
  • Con Air
  • The signs for familial relations - "family", "father", "sister", etc.
  • What chocolate chip cookies taste like
  • How old he is
  • What he changed his pesterchumn handle to after "ghostyTrickster"
  • What pumpkin? (aka - sending Jade pumpkin seeds for her birthday because her pumpkins kept disappearing)

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