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Permissions and Text Permissions

If you have questions or want to get in touch with me about any of this, I can be found on AIM at thisrainbowrose, on Plurk at shaunmatthew, and you can always send me a DW message or leave a comment here.

Backtagging: Always! I am the king of backtags.
Threadhopping: Sure, go nuts. :)
Fourthwalling: If the game allows it, I'm absolutely fine with it. But only if it's allowed.
Offensive subjects: Probably cool, if we're not in touch already about it you may want to ask to be safe.

Hugging this character: John LOVES hugs!
Kissing this character: Go for it, he turns red when you do!
Flirting with this character: Feel free! John will probably either get really flustered or be totally oblivious, but feel free.
Romantic interest toward this character: Anyone can fall in love with anyone. That doesn't mean he'll return the favor, though. (and PLEASE remember he's only 13.)

Fighting with this character: Verbal fighting and physical fighting are not his strong suits, but you're welcome to do it anyway!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I am a horrible person. DO IT. (just IM about it so we can make sure to, y'know, know what's going on)
Killing this character: Thiiiiis is probably going to be a no. But there are always exceptions, so if you want to do this, drop me a line.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure! It might even be useful with AU!John...
Revealing that character's future or intended fate in the games: Go for it! He's not as used to the wibblywobblytimeywimey as SOME people *coughDavecough*, but shenanigans happen and he knows it.
Warnings: Uh... none that I can think of. [community profile] rakuen's John is deaf?

Text Permissions

Being a Homestuck character, when John is typing anything, he has a certain quirk that he uses.

john types in bold blue courier. the color is the same color as his eyes!
he doesn't like to capitalize usually though sometimes he does for EMPHASIS. he does punctuate properly, though.
and eeeeeeeevery once in a while he'll do things in 8s. that's vriska's fault.

If you would like him to not type in blue to you, or just not tag you at all, please leave a comment here so that I'll know. No hard feelings, I promise. :)