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He's about the same age as Dave. However old that is.

He's in a coffee shop, and appears to be signing at his laptop. If you get behind him and glance at his screen, he is apparently having a video call with a girl who has to be related to him, with big green eyes and a mess of black hair to match his.

And then he disconnects, and starts fucking around on the internet or whatever, nibbling on a muffin or something.
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[Dave was a local photographer. He was pretty young, but he was doing pretty good for himself despite never really going to college. But hey, at least he tried. Just not very long, considering how quick he was to give up and drop out. But his photography was popular and he was good with touching up anyways. It was easy money for him at the least to afford a place by himself and keep up with his bills and still had spending money to be a little frivolous.

The only downside was he didn't have many friends. He wasn't really popular in high school and he skipped college life completely.

It worried the few people he was close with, not that he cared. He was fine watching people through his lenses. If anything, he had a nasty habit of just watching people. He really liked watching people. Sometimes, if he found them interesting enough, he'd take a snapshot. People were just interesting to watch, but too intimidating to approach.

Dave liked visiting the coffee shop. Different people comes and go, and they were all fun to watch. Today, Dave only had a traditional film camera on him. He usually brought his digital camera or at least his Polaroid, but he just thought it would good be a good day to bring his traditional film camera. It been awhile since he broke out and used his dark room, so maybe that's why.

For the passed while, he had been intently watching John though. He had taken a few photos of John or more specifically, John's hands. It was mesmerizing and fascinating. He hadn't seen it before through all his photography career, and that was quite a few people already. But Dave didn't dare approach him. He just sat at his small table with his coffee, watching the other. The workers here were used to him doing so or they would have kicked him out by now for seeming like some creepy stalker or something. He was pretty much stick thin. If he turned to his profile, he'd probably disappear at how thin he was. He was tall and really pale too, so...well he likes to think he isn't that bad looking, but he could come off as those creepy losers who live in a basement or something.
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[Dave's family life was a little unique. Part of why he had gotten so used to being by himself is that he never really had a lot to begin with as far as company went. His brother had a questionable fetish site after all. At first, it wasn't that big of a deal. Kids didn't like Dave for his eyes, growing up in Texas. Dave was fine playing by himself. He can't miss what he never had. It was a bit of a problem late middle school and especially high school.

A lot of slurs were always thrown his way and if it weren't for Bro teaching him self defense, it would have been a lot worst. Now, Dave just wears his shades everywhere he goes. It was a bit of a cowards route, but he also kept pairs of colored contacts for dealing with clients. It was just something he wasn't too comfortable with dealing with, and it wasn't like they needed to know. But taking photos with shades is kind of silly.

Dave caught that smile and he wished he could have gotten it on camera. John's teeth weren't amazing, but that smile and those eyes. He was pretty sure his heart skipped a beat.

He waved over the barista that helped John just now. He kind of offhandedly pointed in John's direction as he spoke. He simple told her that he wanted to pay for John's bill. He doesn't really know why. He doesn't know what gave him the sudden impulse, but he just...wanted to do something for the other. Even if he may never speak to John or even see him again. Dave just suddenly felt the need to try and get the others' attention somehow.
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[Dave had stopped watching John and had went back to watching people go in and out for the time being. It seemed like things weren't going to happen. It's not like he was expecting it too. He's used to people coming and going.

He's actually slightly startled when John approaches him. It wasn't like he was expecting it. He looks up at John and reads the notebook and what was written out. Was he mute? Well, he must be mute if he wasn't talking. Seriously, he's not really prepared for social interaction and especially something like this.

Dave kind of glances away, mumbling as he spoke. He has no idea that John was deaf, not mute.
] Uh. Your welcome. Thanks. [Oh my god, he's so awkward. Your Bro would be real disappointed with you right now, Dave.]
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[It's a bit of both, honestly. Dave knew how to be civil and he knew how to speak to people professionally. It was easy to do that. There was nothing really personal and most of it was done over e-mail majority of the time. So the amount of talking wasn't that bad, and he always got so into his work, it wasn't something that went through his mind.

But this? This was different. This was trying to be social for the sake of social and not for work. How the fuck do you do social and not fuck up?

Dave glances back at the note. Oh...oh the other reads lips. That would mean. Oh fuck.
] Oh fuck, wow. Holy shit, I'm sorry. Wow, I'm already making like the most embarrassing ass of myself. I kind of just assumed you were mute or something, but you're deaf and holy shit, dude I'm sorry. I'm not like trying to treat you differently. I just wanted to pay for your coffee since you smiled at me and I kind of took a photo or like ten while you were signing or some shit. Fuck, that was probably really creepy to admit, I swear I'm not some serial killer who goes out to coffee shops and scope out their victims. [Dave. DAVE STOP TALKING. Holy shit, you're talking a mile a minute.]
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[Dave automatically shuts up when John holds his hand up at him. At least he knows how to stop when someone wants him too. Kind of.

Dave didn't really do galleries and stuff. He had a portfolio obviously, but shows were a little too much for him. Setting up and opening nights would have terrified him much too much. He'd probably have some freakout. It seemed too claustrophobic for him.

Dave shifted a big, digging into his pocket for his wallet. Dave held out one of his cards. It was simple. His name and all his contact was on one side and a simple photo he had painstakingly chosen was on the back.
] My e-mail, website, and my work number is on that. [Dave had a personal number, but it was actually used much less than his work number. He wasn't very social.]
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[Dave is fine being antisocial though. And galleries seemed too pretentious and not really his shtick anyways. He was fine with just sending his portfolio to people and what not. Galleries were meant for art. Or at least, he felt like a gallery showing of photos weren't quite as exciting as a gallery showing of art.

Dave took the slips of papers from John.

Yeah, ok. Cool.
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[He probably gets an e-mail back within the next few minutes. Guy is always on the internet. Even on his phone.]

youre lucky i love you so much
like woah so much fucking love
i had to swim through thousands of spam mail just to find this pearl
this diamond in the rough
so many emails about enlarging my penis
also my nonexistent feminine chest
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cant just casually talk to a lady that way
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sorry ill try and turn my swag off