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The downside to all the excitement and chaos happening in Sburb has been that John didn't give a single thought to the fact that he would be meeting his friends face-to-face.

His friends who have no idea that he's deaf. He's glad he still has that little notepad and pen, because he's pretty sure that none of them can use ASL.

And, y'know, he's suddenly and a little unexpectedly standing in front of one of them, with absolutely no idea how to handle this.
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Standing? Jade is not standing; she's running at John and wrapping him in her arms. She has no idea that he's deaf, but right now it doesn't really matter. All she wants to do is cling to him, newly ascended to god tier and full of plans and ideas and questions.

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She's talking at about fifty miles an hour when he releases her; hopefully he can read lips because she hasn't figured it out yet.

"Hi John! It's so good to see you; when I was dying I was like "oh no, I'll never see John or Rose or Dave but then I ascended so it's okay now! What's up?"
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"What do you mean, you can't read lips that fast?" And then it hits her; the reason that he didn't seem to be comprehending her when she was talking ridiculously fast, is probably because he couldn't hear her. That's what lip-reading was for, right? People who couldn't hear, read lips.

"Oh. Well, why didn't you tell me?" Jade smiles, taking hold of his free hand. "Of course I'll slow down for you!"
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She's not sure what he's doing with her hands, but it makes her laugh all the same.

"Big surprise! So what's up?"
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It goes without saying that within a deadly alternate-reality game, chiefly played and strategized over the internet, Rose found the likelihood of the members of their foursome ever meeting rather small. But somehow John had made it through his next gate to her house before she'd advanced. Having seen him on Derse through Dave's computer, she awoke and hurried into the next room before he left. He was warming up a jetpack on her back porch.

"John! What are you doing?" She shouts over the growing rumble of the rocket, not sure if he can hear her.
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Rose returns the hug, then watches as he takes out the notebook and writes in it. She reads, and then automatically responds:

"Hi, John, I..." and then she trails off. Hold on, there's a limited number of reasons why he's doing that instead of speaking. She takes the notebook and pen - and just to try it, she writes for him to see, quickly and in neat cursive:

Hello, John. Is this the most effective way to communicate with you?
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Rose shakes her head. "Sadly not. I'll try to keep my rate of speech at a reasonable tempo, though I expect my eloquence will stay at the same level whether I try to adjust it or not. Doing so would be an insult to you, anyway."
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There's a small smile from Rose. That exposed tongue tip is pretty cute, actually.

"It looks like I got here just in time. What exactly were you planning on doing?"
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Oh hell no that bucket was annoying. Rose starts to frown but... argh, she really can't stay TOO mad at him. She sighs.

"Consider your budding prankster talents in full bloom, John. There is no way I or any other sane human could beat you."

She looks out to the docks. "I've been wondering..." Whoops, not turned towards John. She fixes that. "I've been wondering what exactly is out there. Hold on while I alchemize an alternate mode of transportation."
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She reads the note and frowns, then looks to the alchemizer. Then back to the note.

"Try something for me. Can you draw hands well enough to get the basic signed alphabet down on paper? We might be able to..."

She looks back at the alchemizer. "Actually," she says, turning back to John, "your PDA could work, too. If you haven't thrown it away again."
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Rose bites her lip and examines the alchemiter. There must be an easy way to make what she wants. But what around here could she alchemize that can speak? As she looked around, she noticed a yellow lizard waddling its way out of John's house. Yes!

She hurried over to it and captchalogued the lizard. Through a little moving back-and-forth between the machines, she managed to create a new item: the PGA, or Personal Gabbing Assistant. The little yellow gadget looked like the PDA, but had a mouth at the end that only occasionally spurted bubbles instead of the user's input.

She turned to John, beaming, and caught him watching her.